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Last time, I talked about WHY and HOW COME. They mean the same thing. In other words, they are synonymous.

If two words are synonyms, they have the same meaning or similar meanings. For example, the words “pretty” and “beautiful” have similar meanings. They are synonyms. The words “huge” and “enormous” have similar meanings. They are synonyms.

Some synonyms are interchangeable. For example, it’s hard to understand and it’s difficult to understand. In this case, “hard” and “difficult” are completely interchangeable.

There are some words, though, that are synonymous but different in the degree. For example, if you say you’re “starving”, you sound like you’re “very hungry”. If you say you’re “exhausted”, you sound like you’re “very tired”. Hungry and starving are synonymous but different in the degree, and so are tired and exhausted.

Now. Would you like to try a quiz? I’ll give you three pairs of words. Please listen carefully and choose the pair of synonyms. Ready?

1. exhausted and starving
2. enormous and exhausted
3. tired and exhausted



前回、WHYとHOW COMEについてお話しました。どちらも同じ意味ですという内容でした。つまり、この二つの表現はシノニムです。


一部のシノニムは相互に入れ替え可能です。たとえば、It’s hard to understandとIt’s difficult to understandはどちらもまったく同じ意味(「理解に苦しむ」)です。この場合のhardとdifficultは相互に入れ替えることができます。

一方、似たような意味を持つけれども、程度が異なるシノニムもあります。たとえば、starvingとhungryはどちらも「空腹」を意味しますが、度合いとしては「starving > hungry」または「starving = very hungry」です。exhaustedとtiredも同様です。どちらも「疲れている」という形容詞ですが、程度的には「exhausted > tired」または「exhausted = very tired」です。



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