♪It pays to be able to speak English!




Hi everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Time for English.

If you ask me if it pays to be able to speak English, my answer is definitely yes. It pays to be fluent in English. You can enjoy books and movies in English. You can make friends in English. You can help people in English. In my case, it even pays my bills.

When people say it pays to do something, it means it’s a good idea to do that; it’s worth doing that; and doing that will bring a positive result.

For example, it pays to have your teeth professionally cleaned once every six month or even sooner. In other words, it’s worth having your teeth cleaned at the dentist at least twice a year. It pays to review your notes after class. And it certainly pays to improve your English.

Now, would you like to try a quiz? I’ll give you three options. Please listen carefully and choose the one that is TRUE. Ready?

When someone says it pays to do something, doing that is:
1. necessary
2. worthwhile
3. imperative




英語ではしばしば、It pays to do somethingというフレーズを使います。ある行動について、「それをやるのは良い考えだ」と言うときに使います。やる価値がある、それをやると良い結果が得られるという意味です。




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